Will Active Warrants Show Up In the System?

Active warrants will show up when you conduct a search on VerifyArrestWarrants.com. Search results may include the following:

The Truth About Warrants:

The only warrants that absolutely won’t show up on a search are warrants that have been expunged or sealed from your record. If you have a court or criminal record that you would like expunged or sealed from your public file, then you must file a petition with the local district court where the record resides. To have a record expunged means you would like the record removed from your court file. To have your record sealed means your record won’t be available for public view, but, court and legal officials can still request the right to review your sealed records at any time.

Note: some criminal charges may not be able to be expunged from your record if you are found guilty, such as battery, drugs, murder, and sexual assault.

Unlike your credit report arrest records do not expire. They stay with you indefinitely unless you’re able to legally remove them. To get a warrant removed be advised there’s a paperwork process and a waiting period involved. Each state and court district varies with respect to process and fees, so you will have to contact the local courthouse for more information. If you’re not sure where the record resides, you can use a nationwide online search system such as VerifyArrestWarrants.com to find out and discover additional details about a person's criminal history. 

Legal Counsel
If the individual's court record is of a criminal nature and the person was found guilty of a crime or has many offenses on file, then it is best to seek the advice of a criminal lawyer, as the court has the right to deny your petition. In cases where the individual was found not guilty or the case was dismissed and the individual has stated good reason for petitioning the request, such that it will affect future employment, security clearance, ability to be bonded, etc., then the motion to seal the record will almost always be granted by the court. However, since there is a legal process involved it’s best to seek the guidance and advice of legal counsel to avoid delays, error or refusal.
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